Here's what we're reading this month.

Concentrating on the Fall of the Labor Share, NBER, 2017

Lessons from history for the future of work, Nature, 2017

Can Microfinance Unlock a Poverty Trap for Some Entrepreneurs?, NBER, 2019

What Does Human Capital Do? A Review of Goldin and Katz's The Race between Education and Technology, NBER, 2012

The Long Term Impacts of Grants on Poverty: 9-Year Evidence from Uganda's Youth Opportunities Program, NBER, 2018

From Immigrants to Robots: The Changing Locus of Substitutes for Workers, NBER, 2019

Automation and Artificial Intelligence: How machines are affecting people and places, Brookings Institute, 2019

Who Becomes an Inventor in America? The Importance of Exposure to Innovation, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2017