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Dionysus Health

Dionysus Health

Dionysus Digital Health combines ground-breaking epigenetic home testing, a powerful new app with supportive artificial intelligence, and unsurpassed levels of data trust to improve your mental health and protect you and your family’s future.

Reveal Your Hidden Biology

  • Powerful artificial intelligence discovers unique patterns in your mood and well-being
  • Uncover epigenetic sources of your hormonal sensitivities
  • Smart biology meets smart psychology to understand how your past environments have changed your biology and continue to impact your emotional future

Improve Your Mental Health

  • Engage with biologically-personalized interventions to reduce your anxiety and depression
  • Safeguard yourself from future stress with just-in-time action plans
  • Take more effective, biologically-informed actions to improve mood, minimize stress, and maximize well-being

Protect Your Future

  • Minimize the risk of anxiety and depression impacting you or your family’s future
  • An independent Data Trust Foundation ensures your data will never be shared or sold with third parties
  • Within the safest possible environment, protect yourself using the power of artificial intelligence and hidden human biology to prepare for life’s biggest emotional challenges on the road ahead