Vivienne with Sir Ken Robinson & Malcolm Gladwell

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SXSWedu: How to Robot-Proof Your Kids
The Economist: The Tax on Being Different
The Royal Society: You & AI with Professor Brian Cox
Adobe 99U: The Future of Creativity
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Dr. Ming has visited over 50 countries for 100+ events.

Dr. Ming with The Financial Times Rethink Series

Dr. Ming frequently briefs policymakers, boards, executive teams, and creative producers on topics including:

Artificial Intelligence; AI & Civil Rights; AI for Good
Innovating Innovation; The Future of Creativity
The Neuroscience of Trust; Inclusive Economies
Emerging Neurotechnologies; AI-based Health
Robot-Proofing: AI, Education, & Life Outcomes
Distributed Work; The Changing Workforce

Vivienne has 3 upcoming books:

Robot-Proof, The Tax on Being Different, Small Sacrifices

Dr. Vivienne Ming at GMAC, June 2019

Animation courtesy of The Future Of StoryTelling