Grace Hopper Closing Keynote, 2019


  • June 5, Online: Mobilize Women Summit I'll talk about starting my company to end postpartum depression.
  • June 18-19, Stockholm: Buy tickets for the Future of Talent Summit and so much more!
  • June 20-21, Amsterdam: TNW ...well, I don't know exactly what I'll be talking about, but it will be huge!
  • June 21, Leeds, UK: Society of Otolaryngologists What else: changing education for doctors in an AI-rich world.
  • July 2, Boston: National Charter School Association We must change education or we'll be trapped in a future that needs explorers but builds cogs.
  • July 4-5, London: I'm giving a lecture AI & Women's Health at UCL (more to follow).
  • July 22, DC: Keynote at Jobs For the Future Horizons!

So Very Done

  • May 22, Toronto: I'll give the opening keynote for OSC Dialogue 2024: Collective Intelligence: Bias and the promise of diversity
  • May 18, Mexico City: I'm giving a keynote for El Aleph, Arts & Science Festival at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. ¡Qué bueno!
  • May 8-10, Santa Clara: I return to Singularity University
  • May 8, Boston: chatting with BCG on Lifting Collective Intelligence and The Neuroscience of Trust.
  • Apr 16, online: it's a virtual talk with the LA School Alliance on How to Robot-Proof Your Kids.
  • Feb 28 online: A Q&A with the legal team at Siemens about AI & the Law.
  • Feb 24: I'm off to balmy Minnesota to chat with St. Catherine's University students about ethics and metaphysics of AI (how's that for deep)