Hack Diabetes. Commit crimes. Eat Goose.

I took the first and only presidential portrait with Google Glass in 2013, which means that I wore a fluorescent blue computer with a live camera on my face to a formal event at the White house. I personally wasted 5 minutes of the most powerful man in the world’s time deciding whether or not to kick me out of the White House. The reason for it all was that I’d built an AI that was sending me predictions about my son’s diabetes.

We received his surprise diagnosis in 2010 when we spent all of Thanksgiving in the Oakland Children’s Hospital ICU. My wife and I are both scientists. We began collecting as much data on our son as we could. When we tried to share it with the hospital they were angry for wasting their time. That day, we bought a book on endocrinology. The next morning I began hacking his medical equipment.

I used his medical data to build one of the first AIs to treat diabetes. The “Jitterbug” system could predict low blood glucose more than an hour into the future. Once it helped us treat my son, I spoke to engineers at medical device companies and told them exactly how to build it. I just happened to have the right superpower to help my son; we gave it all away so that other parents could be superheroes for theirs.