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Socos Academy: Oct. 2021

Socos Academy: Oct. 2021

Happy October, Socos Academy! Huge thanks to all who have switched over to our paid memberships since the announcements last month. Here’s what’s going on soon…

October Talks & Keynotes

Indeed: Tuesday morning, Dr. Ming participated in a fireside chat for Senior Directors and VPs at Indeed about how to manage teams, leadership, and innovation.

Crisis: Dr. Ming is on the advisory board for Crisis, the national UK charity for people experiencing homelessness. On Thursday, October 14th, she’ll be participating in a Crisis panel (Register here to attend) working to answer this question: How can we harness the power of entrepreneurship to end homelessness?

Remote Daily: Want to hear more live sessions with Dr. Ming? Watch her interview with Remote Daily stream live via Linkedin or over Zoom (link TBD) on Friday, October 15th at 1pm ET.

Milken Institute: On October 19th, Dr. Ming will be joining the prestigious Milken Institute Global Conference LIVE in Los Angeles for a panel conversation on how corporations can advance equality for the LGBTQ+ community.

StartOut: The StartOut Equity Summit is jam-packed with speakers and events. On October 20th, Dr. Ming will be talking about LGBTQ+ entrepreneurship and why we should invest in it. Register here to attend!

AI Diet World: On October 21st, Dr. Ming will be speaking at DataEthics4All’s AI DIET World on ethical hiring practices and the future of work (no actual dieting necessary — DIET stands for data, diversity, inclusion, impact, ethics, equity, teams, and technology).

TechPACT: More fireside chats! Hosted by Denise Fleming, Dr. Ming is speaking about the challenges, realities, and solutions of bias within AI for TechPACT on October 28th.

TU Munich/UnternehmerTUM: Dr. Ming will be spending Halloween morning guest-lecturing for a joint MBA program hosted by TU Munich and UnternehmerTUM. She’ll be talking about innovation and business creation — real spooky stuff.

Press & Media

Did you miss Dr. Ming’s talk for The Kauffman Foundation in July? Watch it here!

Analytics Insight listed Dr. Ming as one of their “10 Most Impactful Women in Technology” for September 2021. Read the issue here!

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